How Does Solar PV Work ?

+ Photovoltaic Cells in the panels convert light into DC electricity
+ The DC electricity is converted into AC electricity by an Inverter
+ The AC electricity is fed through a "Generation Meter"
+ The "Generation Meter" records the amount of AC electricity created
+ The AC electricity is then fed into your consumer unit for domestic use
+ Any excess AC electricity will be put back into the national grid

What are the Advantages of Solar PV ?


+ Solar PV Panels are guaranteed to work for at least 25 Years
+ For every unit (Kw/H) you create you will be paid 12.92p
+ You can save 50% per annum on your electricity bill
+ Solar Panels work perfectly in the UK climate
+ Big reductions in your annual Carbon footprint
+ Government backed Feed In Tariff payments for 20 Years
+ Protect yourself from rising electricity bills
+ Take advantage of a great investment opportunity

Solar PV and the Feed In Tariff  

+ For every unit (Kw/H) you create you will be paid 12.92p
+ 50% of the total (Kw/H) you create you will be paid 4.85p Export Tariff
+ These payments are guaranteed for 20 Years Index Linked to Inflation
+ A saving of 50% on your electricity bills
+ Use an immersun to reduce your gas bills
+ Add monitoring devices to increase your awareness to usage