In Roof Systems

What is the difference between In Roof Solar PV Systems and standard PV Systems ?

Standard PV Systems are installed above your exisiting roof, whereas In Roof Systems are installed within the existing roof tiles, and therefore sit flush with your existing roof tile system.
These systems can be fitted on any existing roof or newbuild roof creating an aesthetic enhancement.

How are In Roof Systems fitted ?

Initially the intended Solar area will be stripped of the existing
roof tiles exposing battens, underfelt and rafters.
Lower flashings are fitted followed by support profiles for the
Solar PV Panels, once fitted panels are securely attached to the
support profiles.
Flashing is then installed to guarantee the roof's integrity.

Watch the Install Video here.

In Roof Systems for New Builds

In Roof Solar Systems are a perfect solution for new build properties in the UK.

+ ECO Friendly Homes
+ Reduced Roofing Costs
+ Reduced Electricity Bills
+ 20 Year Feed In Tariff Financial Returns
+ Reduced Carbon Footprint